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Meet Haven

2007 - 2021

  This fun, loving, and sweet pup is what some would call my heart dog.  Haven was one of the spokes-dogs to our original dog cookie business, Schnookeez Cookeez and is a continued inspiration in this business. She loved the park, ice cream, swimming, and loved to be loved.  Haven was my baby and was with me through all the hard things as a young adult.  She will forever be missed and is thought of often.


Unfortunately in 2021 she was diagnosed with salivary gland carcinoma.  This form of cancer is rare to dogs with limited studies for treatment and survival. She is the reason that this business will donate a percent of proceeds of some items to a foundation that focuses on cancer research in dogs. These items will be tagged with "donation".

The paw print on our logo and the paw print's your see throughout our website is her actual paw print.  A good representation of being one of a kind and purrfect! 

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Meet Jasmine


Jasmine is our 1.5 year old GSD. She is a very silly, sweet, smart, and dedicated pup. She loves to always be with her hoomans and loves to be helpful. Her hobbies include: fetching tennis balls, running with her daddy, pup cups (ice cream), car rides, swimming, and chasing the cat.  


With her continuous need to be part of the action, you can always guarantee that you will see her with us while at a trade show or event.  


Meet JJ

JJ, the son of Haven, is our thirteen year old GSP. He is our older guy, but still has a lot of energy to run and go to the park. He is a mama boy, loves to snuggle, loves the park, loves to go on walks, and car rides.  His hobbies include: sleeping, eating, taste testing cookies, barking, hanging out with his mama, and enjoying pup cups (ice cream).  

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Finally, Meet Me! 

Hi!!  My name is Nicole.  I am so happy you have stopped by and are reading a little bit about our family.  The pups you read about above is my inspiration to build something for pets and pet loving people. These animals are my entire world and am so thankful that they are a part of my life!


Now to get to know me a little better.  I am a thirty something individual who loves all things animals.  These pups are essentially my kids and everything usually revolves around them. If you asked me what my hobbies were, I would tell you working and being the the pups. When starting this business, my thoughts were, "what can I do that will allow me to be with them all of the time," or "what can I do that will also bring joy to pets and people." Truth is, before I started this business I didn't know how to sew. I am an accountant by education, I didn't own a Cricut machine or know how to use it. All I knew is that I have a creative side and I want to do something for pets and people who love their pets. I had been baking dog treats under the Schnookeez Kookeez umbrella for several years since my mom could no longer work with her hands as much. I love doing it, I love decorating them, and I love how people feel when their dogs love them. So, we rebranded them and added some products so people like you could show the same love for your pups as we do for ours. Whither it is a bandana, a shirt, or a pack of cookies, you will be supporting our dream to spend all the moments with our pets because every moment away from them is one moment that we can't get back.  They are here for a limited time and I can't imagine not spoiling them and providing them with the love they so much deserve. 

I am always available to chat. If you want to chat about your pup, your day, or if you lost a pet and are having a tough time. I get it and sometimes all you need is someone who has equally felt the same. 

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Handmade with love in Knoxville, TN

All products are custom made to order. If you have any questions on lead time or just want to say Hi, email us!

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