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Potty training a new puppy or maybe you have a dog that doesn't bark to go out.  Potty bells help alert the hooman that the pup needs to potty.  Hang them on the door and let the pup let you know when it is time to go out. 

Potty Bells - Flower Pattern

  • Spot Clean only.  Do not use washing machine to wash or dry.

  • Just a little training tip from one dog owner to another... Dogs are smart, a lot smarter than we think. Place the bells on the door handle of the door they use to go out. If it is a sliding glass door, no problem... use a command hood to hold them. Then start to teach them. Use their favorite treat to help them bring their nose to the bell. Once their nose taps the bell, open the door. After a couple if times, they will begin to understand that the bell means the door opens. Keep that mentality... the bells get the door open. 😁

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